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School Tour Information


School Tour Information
Make the Remington part of your school year!

The Frederic Remington Art Museum is committed to working collaboratively with schools and teachers to provide high-quality, transformative art museum experiences for your students. We are eager to relate the work of Frederic Remington to your curriculum and to your students’ lives and experiences, so that they can consider how art can help them learn about the world and about themselves. Email Museum Experience Manager, Julie Pratt, or call 315-393-2425 to find out more about our program offerings and how we can tailor a visit to meet your needs.


School ToursPhoto of students in the Museum gallery viewing artwork and making notes

The Remington Museum’s guided tours are designed to provide a rich educational experience that expands students’ awareness of the arts and visual culture, and strengthens their ability to look closely, think critically about works of art, and formulate interpretations based upon what they see and learn. Museum educators engage students in lively, inquiry-based conversations that strengthen curriculum connections and encourage skills like critical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. Whatever your class subject, your visit can be designed to meet your learning objectives and classroom needs.


Please allow 60-90 minutes for your tour. Photo of students in the Museum's interpretive corridorThe Museum can accommodate roughly50 students in one visit. If possible, nametags (first names only) make for easier discussion. One chaperone or teacher is required for every ten students. Chaperones and teachers are asked to help monitor behavior, since it is difficult for our docents to do so. Please note that appointments are required for all school groups visiting the Museum.


For all grades, space is available in our Education Center classroom for guided art activities, as well as for eating lunch. This works well if you want to pair a visit to the Remington with a trip to another site.


After a trip to the main Museum to view Remington’s original art,Young students wearing Western costumes playing in the children's museum teachers with younger students can head to our children’s museum, Kid’s Place, for free play and exploration time and to solidify their learning experience with a guided art activity. Kid’s Place is geared toward young learners and all displays are interactive.

Tour fees for schools outside of the Ogdensburg city limits are $5/student. For schools inside the city limit, a $10 suggested donation is encouraged for your visit. With all schools, there may be a materials charge for art supplies for special activities. 


The Remington Museum also displays contemporary art work in five yearly shows: the Elementary Art Exhibit, the Middle School/High School Art Exhibit, the Members’ Juried Art Show, the College Juried Art Exhibit, and, on a biennial basis, the International or the NYS  Juried Art Show. Call us or check online to see what shows we currently have on display. We’d be delighted to design tours and activities in conjunction with these exhibitions.


*Please let us know before hand is your group is interested in visiting the Museum Shop as we require supervision in this case. We admit only 7 students in the shop at a time to accommodate its size.

Cost: $5.00 per student

Depending on the size of the group, students would arrive either as a large group at the main Museum or in smaller groups between the main Museum and the Eva Caten Remington Education Center. When students are at the main Museum, they will receive a seated introduction while we explain our rules and guidelines, and then commence on a guided tour of our galleries and displays. When they arrive at the Eva Caten Remington Education Center, they will also receive an introduction, afterward having access to the play areas. Museum staff will be on hand, and we also require that there is one chaperone on hand for every 5 students.



Click on the PDF icon to open up our rules and guidelines form.  We appreciate it if this list is gone over with your group before your arrival. 

 If you're unable to come to the Museum for a field trip, contact us and we'll come to you!  Schedule a Distance Learning session today and we can provide your group with a virtual field trip.  If you don't have these capabilities and you're within driving distance, call us and we'll drive to your school through our Outreach Program.