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A Chronology
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A Chronology

Adapted from Frederic Remington by James K. Ballinger, Abrams, 1989.

  • 1861
    • October 4: Born to Seth and Clara Sackrider Remington in Canton, New York
  • 1873
    • August: Moves to Ogdensburg, New York; Seth Remington appointed Collector of the Port
  • 1875
    • September: Enrolls at Vermont Episcopal Institute, Burlington
  • 1876
    • June 25: General George Custer and his men slaughtered in the Battle of Little Big Horn September: Enrolls at Highland Military Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • 1878
    • September: Enrolls at Yale College School of Art, attends three semesters
  • 1880
    • February: Seth Pierre Remington dies
  • 1881
    • August-September: Vacations in Montana Territory--his first trip to the West
  • 1882
    • February 25: Harper's Weekly publishes his first illustration (redrawn by staff)
  • 1883
    • March: Buys sheep ranch near Peabody, Kansas
  • 1884
    • March: Moves to Kansas City; invests first in a hardware store, then in a saloon
    • October 1: Marries Eva Caten in Gloversville, New York; couple returns to Kansas City
  • 1885
    • September: Moves to Brooklyn, New York
  • 1886
    • March-May: Attends Art Students League, New York
    • June: Travels to Arizona, Mexico, and New Mexico
  • 1887
    • April: Travels to North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Western Canada; exhibits for the first time at the American Watercolor Society and the National Academy of Design
  • 1888
    • February: Illustrations appear in Theodore Roosevelt's serialized articles for Century Magazine, later published as Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail
    • March: Wins Hallgarten and Clark awards at the National Academy of Design exhibition
    • May-July: Travels to Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico
  • 1889
    • July: Wins silver medal at Paris International Exposition
  • 1890
    • April: Buys home in New Rochelle, New York; one-man exhibition and sale at the American Art Galleries of the American Art Association
    • December 30: Defeat of Sioux at Wounded Knee
  • 1891
    • June: Elected associate member of National Academy of Design
  • 1893
    • March: Travels to Mexico for Harper's
    • September: Meets Owen Wister in Yellowstone; on return trip to New York visits World's Colombian Exhibition, Chicago
  • 1895
    • July: First book, Pony Tracks, published
    • October 1: First sculpture, Broncho Buster, copyrighted
    • November: Second exhibition and sale at the American Art Galleries of the American Art Association
  • 1897
    • December: Exhibits 40 works in Boston exhibition
  • 1898
    • May: Crooked Trails published
    • June: Travels to Cuba to cover Spanish-American War for Harper's and New York Journal
  • 1899
    • April: Harper's Weekly releases Remington; begins illustrating for Collier's
  • 1900
    • March: Begins casting sculpture at Roman Bronze Works, New York
    • May: Buys summer home at Ingleneuk, an island in the St. Lawrence River, New York
  • 1901
    • September: A Bunch of Buckskins, portfolio of colored lithographs, published; Theodore Roosevelt becomes 26th president upon the death of William McKinley
    • December: Exhibits at Clausen Gallery
  • 1902
    • May: Owen Wister's novel, The Virginian published
  • 1903
    • April: Begins showing with Noe Gallery, New York
    • May: Signs four-year contract with Collier's
  • 1905
    • March 16: Receives commission for The Cowboy from Fairmont Park Art Association, Philadelphia
    • March 18: Remington Number published by Collier's
  • 1906
    • December: Begins showing with Knoedler, New York
  • 1908
    • November: Buys property for new home and studio in Ridgefield, Connecticut
  • 1909
    • January: Collier's contract terminated; exhibits work at Doll and Richards Gallery, Boston
    • December: Exhibition at Knoedler well received by critics
    • December 26: Dies of peritonitis following emergency appendectomy at his Ridgefield, Connecticut home
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