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Left New York on Central with Henry Smith on Limited 3:30 - for south western trip.

Wednesday April 3, 1907

Chicago 9.A.M….

Thursday April 4, 1907

… on time Kansas City. - very warm and trees beginning to leaf.

Friday April 5, 1907

Got out a Tucumcari N, Mexico. 6:00. A.M. country green as a leek drove out but country uninteresting slept at hotel all afternoon. Local train late. Went to bed woked up at midnight, no train, back to bed…

Saturday April 6, 1907

Out of here at 5o'c. Got to El Paso at 6. couldn't get room at Sheldon and barely got room at St. Regis… First bath in a week…

Sunday April 7, 1907

Tired and loafed - short walk wondering when we will go or what we will do.

Monday April 8, 1907

Fixed map to Alamagordo and up to Cloudcroft in Sacramento Mts. - Ute King - railroad man going with us…

Tuesday April 9, 1907

Came up 900 ft. to Cloudcroft all pines and not very paintable. Horrible dinner. Something must be done…

Wednesday April 10, 1907

Sketched all day - Mountain and horses beautiful weather fine sunsets on pine tress. Picture "The dead cow boy and outlaw horse"… Henry wants to go Grand Canyon.

Thursday April 11, 1907

We can no longer stand the altitudes. My heart nearly stopped when I took a bath this morning. We are overcome by altitude. Went down to Alamagordo - engineer pulled the air on us and nearly killed half dozen people in caboose by shock. I sketched bluffs at sunset and had terrible ride home across irrigating ditches.

Friday April 12, 1907

Came into El Paso - met Terry on street and he got me to lunch with him tomorrow…

Saturday April 13, 1907

Sketched Rio Grand river-wonderful red color. Lunched with Terry… Left El Paso at night met army officer Powell at station.

Sunday April 14, 1907

Got Albequerque at 6am. Bought things and shipped home… Left for Grand Canyon at noon. Fine cloud effects from near observation camp.

Monday April 15, 1907

Got to Canyon. El Dover Hotel. Sketched at evening. Canyon bigger than I was led to expect by descriptions or pictures. Met Artist A. Keer.

Wednesday April 17, 1907

Left for home 8:30 am. Delay at Williams 21/2 hours. Williams terribly trying place.

Thursday April 18, 1907

Going on train on Sante Fe limited until struck a freight wreck below Trinidad…

Friday April 19, 1907

Kansas City about 10… tired enough to die. All of us in bed 12-

Saturday April 20, 1907

Up at 6 - breakfast and train 8:30 for New York - Lake Shore we are very tired of traveling and both our stomachs have given out.

Sunday April 21, 1907

Grand Central 845 9o'c to New Rochelle and … glad to get home…
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