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Outreach Programming
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Outreach Programming
We can come to your school and talk with your students about Frederic Remington and his art works

Cowboy collages created by 3rdgrade
students at Lisbon Central School on display at Kid's Place

Our education staff is prepared to visit your classroom and provide a presentation for your students using Remington reproductions and hands-on learning resources. By creating the link between your students and the Frederic Remington Art Museum you will:
  • Expose our communityís youth to famous art works created by a local artist
  • Get students thinking about periods of U.S. history and how they relate to artifacts here and to Remingtonís artwork
  • Begin the process of learning to interpret themes and story lines in art works
  • Introduce art vocabulary terms such as 2D and 3D, texture, sculpture, color theory, and mediums
  • Create a lifelong appreciation of Museums in our area and throughout the world

We enjoy sparking curiosity in young learnerís minds, and can validate this learning experience through a later planned field trip. Let our visit to your school be the anticipatory set for an end of the year field trip here.

A visit to your class room is good for the Museum, too. Donít forget that by letting us help the community with a visit to your school, youíre also helping us! Outreach programming allows us to build our audience, adding to a greater chance of future funding for our programming and its expansion, with most programming offered free and always open to the public.

After we visit your classroom, a Museum tour and exploration time at the childrenís Museum will help bring everything full-circle for your students. Area educators can plan a field trip where we can combine fine arts education with hands-on learning. After a trip to the main Museum to view Remingtonís original art, teachers and students can head to Kidís Place for free play and exploration time and to solidify their learning experience with a guided art activity.