The Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY is extending to Brockville for the month of February 2019.

The Brockville Arts Centre, a majestic restored theater, is hosting  an exhibit in its lobby featuring fine reproductions of original works by Frederic Remington. The BAC is a popular venue, with the largest stage in Eastern Ontario. As a partner in bringing awareness of the Remington to the Brockville regional audience, the BAC seems like a perfect fit. The museum is grateful to our friend Ted Abbott for putting this together, first in 2014
, then in 2016
 , 2017 and now again.  Remington friend Ted Abbott entered the Remington in the lottery that fills the Brockville Arts Centre's monthly artist slots, but the museum didn't get in for 2019. Then, the February artist suddenly withdrew, and the museum quickly responded to meet the opportunity.
Frederic Remington (1861-1909) was born and raised in Northern New York, and made a lasting impact on the world’s conception of the old west, the subject of much of his art.  In his day, working as an illustrator for major magazines, Remington was immensely popular, and remains so today. He is best known for works focusing on the American (and Canadian) west, but he created stunning local land and riverscapes, stemming from his love of his home country, and his 8 years working at his summer home at Chippewa Bay in the 1000 Islands.
The museum that bears Frederic Remington’s name was founded in 1923 with the original gift of art, working tools and papers that made its founding collection. Based in a 1810 mansion, the museum is also a historic house. Come and be inspired by Remington’s original work, for which there is no substitute. The museum also features changing exhibits of works by contemporary artists
The Brockville Arts Centre lobby walls are graced by giclee reproductions of some of the museum’s best known Remington works, including The End of the Day and  The Sun Dance. These were produced through extensive color correction, using hundreds of colors to match the works from which they were created. The show cases hold reproductions of Remington sculptures in the museum’s collection.
Mike Bouchard Property Manager of the Frederic Remington Art Museum installs the exhibit in Brockville.