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Montana woman visits Museum during cross-country horseback tour
Montana woman visits Museum During Cross-Country Horseback Tour ​​ Judy ​G. ...READ MORE
Wednesday, April 22
Museum Thanks ACCO Brands Inc. for Corporate Membership
Museum Thanks ACCO Brands Inc. for Corporate Membership Frederic Remington Art Museum director ...READ MORE
Wednesday, March 25

International Advisory Board (IAB)


The International Advisory Board was formed to preserve the legacy of Frederic Remington and his art by supporting the mission of the FRAM. To increase awareness of the FRAM and its extensive collection. To broaden the base of support for the Museum nationally and internationally by creating a group of individuals from whom the Board of Trustees and staff may seek advice and guidance.

IAB Members
Mrs. Barbara Albert
Mr. Anthony Bouchard
Mrs. Joan Bouchard
Mr. Richard Dumbrille
Mrs. Sarah Jane Dumbrille
Mr. Ted Gavin
Mrs. Amy Gavin
Mr. Floyd D. Gottwald, Jr.
Mrs. Helga Gottwald
Mr. Peter Hassrick
Dr. Robert E. Hentschel
Mrs. Lanne Hentschel
Mr. Lee Hirschey
Mrs. Deborah Hirschey
Mr. Peter Huff
Mrs. Julie Huff
Mrs. Susan Johnson
Mr. John Johnson
Mr. Richard Kimm
Mrs. Barbara Kimm
Mr. Don Laidlaw
Mrs. Joyce Laidlaw
Mr. Alexander C. MacIntyre
Dr. Patricia Mahoney
Mr. Robert McCabe
Mrs. Eleonora McCabe
Mr. Andrew McNally IV
Mrs. Jeanine McNally
Mr. Tyler Mongerson
Mrs. Sara Mongerson
Father Ronald Mrozinski
Mr. Allan Newell
Mrs. Kate Newell
Mr. Gerald Peters
Mr. Mark Rhodes
Ms. Nancy Seeley
Mr. Allen Splete
Mrs. Marilyn Splete
Mr. William Torrey
Mr. Lowell McAllister, Hon.