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January 03, Friday
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December 06, Friday
Home School Art Program

Welcome to the home school section of our website. 

Every 1st Wednesday during the school year, home school children, ages 4-18, meet to learn art processes at 12:30 until 3:00. All art projects are interdisciplinary and revolve around individual learning needs and expectations. Past projects  have included hand building with clay, throwing on the potter’s wheel, collage construction and exposure to drawing techniques and painting techniques. Cost is $3/child/session.  To learn more about the program or to sign up, call Lauren at 393-2425.

Home school meeting dates are as follows for 2013/2014:

 September 4

Van Gogh Flower Pot

Image Source

       We will meet as a group in the classroom for our first class of the year.The course outline will be gone over with students and parents. We will do a quick overview of Van Gogh and his famous work Twelve Sunflowers in a Vase. We will talk about and look at one of last year’s projects based on Dale Chihuly, where students colored coffee filters with permanent markers and sprayed the filters with rubbing alcohol to make the colors bleed. Objective: We will assemble a collaborative piece by having each individual design a flower for the flower pot. Each student will fold their filter(s) and cut the outside edge to resemble a flower’s petal. Then the filters will be painted using liquid watercolors and left to dry; the flower pot being assembled later on.
October 2

Giacometti Figures

Image Source

To begin this class, we will look at famous artist Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture in a PowerPoint presentation. We will have an open discussion where students will gain information and new concepts as they compare and contrast Giacometti’s work to the work of other sculptors. Objective:Each student will build a small replica of a Giacometti figure. Each student will cut and bend wire to form their figure. Once the figure has been built (may require assistance from parents in the class, and hot glue) students will begin to wrap their figures in masking tape. The final step will be to paint their figure.
November 6

Giacometti Figures Continued, will be traveling to the Museum to compare Giacometti with Remington for the class closure
December 4

Relief Print Making

Image Source

We will begin our first meeting by looking at some relief print pictures on a PowerPoint presentation. After we review the pictures, we will discuss the process of how the prints are made. There are a variety of ways to make a relief print using different tools. Objective: For our lesson we will be using Styrofoam pieces and wooden etching tools to make a design. We will then apply acrylic paint with a brayer and press paper on the Styrofoam to transfer the design to the paper. I will have examples and interesting pictures the students can choose from of they would like to trace a design, or they can free hand draw their picture.

*Important: At the end of this class, we need to prep for the next class’ project. Each student will have to draw a design on a cloth napkin using Elmer’s glue.
January 8

Batik Napkins

Image Source

For this project, each student will be given back their cloth napkin that they drew on with Elmer’s glue at the end of the previous class. (If you missed the previous class, we can play catch-up and speed dry a design on a napkin). Objective: Each student will create a batik style napkin. Students will be provided acrylic paints, and guided in painting their entire napkin differing colors. When the napkins are complete, they will be left to dry. Students can take a play break at this point. If the project is dry with enough time left in the class, we will rinse off the glue and paint to complete the final look. (We can speed up drying times with fans). If the napkins need to dry longer, students can take them home and complete the works there. Homework:bring in a simplified picture made of contour lines for the next class’ art work.
February 5

Tin Foil Relief Works

Image Source

Using what we learned in the previous class about positive and negative space, we will now make a relief piece out of glue and tin foil. Objective:Each student will create a tin foil relief picture. Students will have brought in a picture or drawing from home that interested them (smallest size will be 5x7”, largest can be up to 8x10”). Students will trace the image using tracing paper and pencils, then transfer the image to the cardstock by rubbing the tracing paper on the card stock.We will apply hot glue to the contour lines, and after it’s cool, students will wrap the card stock in tin foil and apply color using markers to form the finished product.

 March 5

       Tin Foil Relief works continued and completed

April 2nd

Self Portraits based on

Gustav Klimt’s work

Image Source

(Will be taking pictures throughout the class for the Klimt project -If you’re unable to attend this class, I will request a digital picture of your child in email so I can print the picture to have for April’s meeting)

For this art project, we will look at artist Gustav Klimt’s work using PowerPoint. Objective: Students will create a self portrait that is based on artist Gustav Klimt’s work. The portrait will also explain to the viewer what artistic processes the students have learned during the school year. Students will, for the most part, be given free will on deciding what the elements of their composition will be. This will be a planning period where students complete a questionnaire that tells me:

(1)What techniques they will use to complete the background of their composition (can be a relief print, a liquid watercolor painting, or made of tin foil

(2)What their items of clothing will be made from (can be collage, tin foil, or liquid watercolor, or a combination of mediums)

(3)What position they will be in for the final product (sleeping, awake with hair blowing in the breeze, etc…)

Students will have to make a small sketch of what they’ve visualized for the final product (lots of examples will be provided!).Once their questionnaire is complete, the students’ pictures will be taken with the pose they’ve chosen.

*The figure they will create (themselves) will be added onto the background piece, so the final product will consist of the figure and the background, glued together.


May 7

Image Source
Students will be given their printed pictures to cut out very carefully and can begin work on the background of the portrait. Once the background is complete, they can begin work on their figure. If you missed the class where pictures were taken, please make sure you’ve either brought in a picture of your child for them to use, or you’ve emailed me a jpeg so I can print the picture in time for class.
June 4
Final Class!
We will do a group critique where each student talks about their self portrait and how they completed the project. Let’s eat lots of snacks while we look at the amazing art work!