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Another Successful Harvest Moon
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Another Successful Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Committee Members ​Patti Mahoney, Rich Bzura, Amy Wright, and Deidre HammondOGDENSBURG, NY - The Frederic Remington Art Museum announces another successful year for the Harvest Moon fundraiser. 
The 3-decade tradition of the Holiday Gala was retired last year in hopes of broadening the audience for the ​occasion, and allowing the volunteers behind the event a chance to run with their new inspiration. Last year's inaugural Harvest Moon event showed a big spike in attendance, with 128 guests, that's 23 more than the prior year's Gala. The numbers for this year's Harvest Moon were 110, but that number includes quite a number of millennials, a demographic the re-conceived event was meant to attract. The ticket prices for Harvest Moon are intentionally lower, and the dress code -- or perceived dress code --  has been abolished. Harvest Moon is an event for those who look forward to a chance to dress up, and for those who couldn't be bothered. Literally, this year's party included everything from camo to tuxedos. Having the date earlier in the year also provides an opportunity for folks who haven't yet left for their seasonal homes to attend, and also for those who wouldn't consider venturing out on a winter night. 
An unofficial count of attendees included no fewer than 6 former presidents of the museum's board of trustees, from the mid-1980s to the recent past. It is safe to say that the event has drawn some old friends back into our midst. 
The whole thing, in conversation with staff, is put on through the dedicated efforts of a small group of volunteers serving on the Harvest Moon Committee. The group changes over time, and it is they who spearheaded this very positive change in theme and date, and they literally make it happen. The volunteers identify and request donations from artists, businesses and other generous donors for the silent auction, and pick them up too. They personally decorate the rooms where the event takes place, to great effect. They select and negotiate with the entertainment,​ the bar,​ and the caterer. This is one of the museum's largest and most important fundraisers, and it is a joy to work with such wonderful volunteers, who meet throughout the year to make it all a success. This year's success was brought about largely by the enthusiasm and careful work of Amy Wright, Patti Mahoney, Rich Bzura, Kathie Wade, ​D
dre Hammond, Carol Beckner ​and Marcia Beale-Merkel. Other committee members​, Andrea Smith, Brenda Bryant-Morrow, Sandra Duprey, Jeanine McLellan​ ​and John Wade ​participated, and other volunteers, such as Rhonda Roethel, Marsha Snyder, Sue Barkley, Patricia Redden, Viviane Roach
Tiffany Haney​
 and Dagmar Jaunzems pitched in ​Saturday night to make the event a stunning success. 
The Harvest Moon Committee will convene at 311 Washington St. for a wrap meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 5:30 pm. The committee would be glad to welcome new volunteers to work towards next fall's Harvest Moon. If any of this sounds like fun, please consider coming to the meeting.